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Standard Labs

For most new patients, there will be some form of blood work required to assess basic health and to confirm or rule out certain conditions. For patients with insurance, we work primarily with Sonora Quest but can submit orders to Lab Corp at your request.  The lab will bill your insurance directly. Please keep in mind that we order tests based on need and not necessarily by insurance coverage since we are a cash-based practice.  If you have questions about insurance coverage, we recommend that you contact your insurance carrier directly.  We are happy to provide you with a list of recommended labs so you can evaluate for coverage prior to submitting blood work. 

If you  do not have insurance, no worries!  We have several cash pay options that are available. We understand that many people have financial restrictions and will make sure you understand costs up front before moving forward. It is important to us that you understand any financial commitment made in our office. 

Specialty Labs

We have many specialty labs available in our office. Most of these tests will incur an out-of-pocket cost.  If you have an questions regarding fees, please visit our Fees page or contact the office directly. 

Here is a list of our most popular specialty tests: 

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Salivary Cortisol

  • Hair Toxin & Mineral Analysis

  • Micronutrient Testing

  • Comprehensive Stool Digestive Analysis

  • SIBO

  • ...and more!

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