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General Office Visits

New Patient Intake: $450 ($100 deposit required at time of scheduling)

Follow Up Visits

15 Min: $75

30 Min: $150

45 Min: $225

60 Min: $300 

If it's been > 1 yr since your last visit, please schedule a new patient intake. 

Veterans receive a 10% discount off all services (excluding labs). Thank you for your service!


We offer $10 referral discounts for each person you send our way. Please make sure they put your name on their intake forms. Thank you for thinking of us!

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New Patient Acupuncture Intake: $250 ($50 deposit required, includes first treatment)

Acupuncture Follow Up Visits

Cupping Only: $75

30 Min Acupuncture Session: $100

60 Min Acupuncture Session: $150

     Package of 3-60 minute treatments: $325 ($125 savings!)


*If you are not an established patient, these treatments require a 15-minute consultation first to make sure this is an appropriate treatment for your concerns. 

Microneedling: $375

Microneedling Package: $975 ($150 savings!)

  • Includes 3 microneedling treatments

PRP Facial (Microneedling w/PRP): $425

  • May included PRP injections at no extra cost. 

PRP Facial Touch Up: $225

  • Touch up injections that can be done between PRP Facial Treatments

PRP Facial Package: $1450 ($275 savings!)

  • Includes 3 PRP Facial Treatments + 2 PRP Facial Touch Up Treatments


Vitamin Injections

  • B12: $20

  • Multi-B (B12 + B-Complex): $25

  • Super B (Double Multi-B): $30

Medical Marijuana


Office Visit Fee: $150

Application Fee

  • $150 w/o SNAP Benefits (food stamps)

  • $75 w/SNAP Benefits (food stamps). Requires current documentation. 


Single: $200

Package of 3: $450 ($150 savings!)


Standard Labs

  • If you have commercial insurance, the lab will bill your insurance company directly.  We cannot guarantee coverage, you are responsible for understanding your plan.  If you have questions, we can provide you with a list of recommended labs and you can contact your insurance company for clarification. 

  • If you do not have insurance and will be paying cash, the cost depends on which labs we are running. We will discuss cost at the time of your visit and work within your means. 

Specialty Labs

These are our most commonly ordered specialty labs and is not an exhaustive list.  If you have questions or if you would like to inquire about a test not listed, please call the office. Prices subject to change without notification.


Doctor's Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology x 3 w/Consultation: $350

NUNM SIBO Center Breath Test: $180 direct pay to lab. Consultation not included.  

Doctor's Data Salivary Adrenal Function Panel w/Consultation: $225

Doctor's Data Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile w/Consultation: $115

In compliance with the No Surprises Act, learn more about the Good Faith Estimate

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